Short Bio

Iam an Associate Professor of Accounting at the Universidad de Vigo, Spain. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela), a Master's Degree in Business Administration (IESIDE Business Institute) and a PhD in Accounting (Universidad de Vigo). I am member of the Management Accounting Committee of the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration (AECA).

My areas of interest include management accounting and control systems; SMEs and entrepreneurship; organizational innovation: firm management in the food & beverage industry; and healthcare management. I was authored and co-authored several books and my research has been published in academic indexed international journals. I serve on the board of several international journals.

At Universidad de Vigo I am currently teaching Cost Accounting, Internal Control and Accounting for Tourism Organizations. I do also collaborate teaching in undergraduate, master and doctoral programs at several international universities.

Research groups

  • Universidade de Vigo ECOBAS

    ECOBAS Interuniversity Research Center has the goal to contribute, through research, teaching and innovation, to the promotion of dynamic,sustainable, innovative and people-based economies.

  • Universidade de Vigo RGEAF

    Research Group en Economic Analysis, Accounting and Finance

  • Health Research Institute IISGS BioCost

    Galicia Sur Health Research Institute
    Research area: health economics

Selected Publications

Recent research publications coauthored by Ernesto Lopez-Valeiras.

Management Control Systems and Real Earnings Management: Effects on Firm Performance

Management Accounting Research (2022)
coauthored with Garcia Osma and Gomez-Conde
Download from publisher's website (open access)

Management control systems and innovation strategies in business-incubated start-ups

Accounting and Business Research (forthcoming)
coauthored with Gomez-Conde, Malagueno and Gonzalez-Castro
Download from publisher's website
SSRN version (open access)

Quality of performance metrics, informal peer monitoring, and goal commitment

Accounting and Finance (2022)
coauthored with Malagueno, Gomez-Conde and Oyadomari
Download from publisher's website (open access)

Financial literacy in SMEs: A systematic literature review and a framework for further inquiry

Journal of Small Business Management (2022)
coauthored with: Grana-Alvarez, Gonzalez-Loureiro and Coronado
Download from publisher's website

Balanced Scorecard in SMEs: Effects on innovation and financial performance

Small Business Economics (2018)
coauthored with: Malagueno and Gomez-Conde
Download from publisher's website

The dual role of management accounting and control systems in exports: drivers and payoffs

Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting (2018)
coauthored with Gomez-Conde
Download from publisher's website (free eprint)

The effects of the interactive use of management control systems on process and organizational innovation

Review of Managerial Science (2016)
coauthored with Gonzalez-Sanchez and Gomez-Conde
Download from publisher's website

Research Fields

My main research fields include:

ManagementAccounting & Control

Management accounting and control systems, performance measurement systems in: SMEs and entrepreneurship; innovation; sustainability; strategy.

publications in this field
AgribusinessAgribusiness management

. Wine sector. Food and Beverage business management, wine-related businesses management, cost accounting in agribusiness firms.

publications in this field
HealthcareHealthcare Management

Public health and health administration, service management and assessment, health economics, biobanking.

publications in this field

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